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Bohemian - Natural Wedding

She has always been a free spirit - a lover of tie-dye t-shirts, crochet purses and suede pants.

To wed inside a church was out of the question, she needed to be barefoot in the tall grass as she pledged her love. She chose to take her vows at Marymour Park so that she could be surrounded by nature.

She chose a floor length crocheted gown "Laitena" by Yolan Chris. A veil was too traditional, she opted for a flower halo to complete her look and kept her jewelry simple. 

Her make-up is light and natural using brown tones to stay subtle but her eye makeup is dark to anchor her face. She wears blush colored lipstick to compliment her skin tones. Her hair is worn in loose, flowing waves to reflect the casual but important nature of the day.

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